How do I place an order with you?
You can place an order by phoning our office, by phoning your sales rep, by fax, or by email. Please find our contact numbers on the contact information page

What are your credit terms?

Where do you deliver the merchandise?
We predominantly deliver within a 200-mile radius of Montgomery from the Gulf coast to the Tennessee Valley, but can also deliver to locations outside this radius for an additional charge. 

What is your freight policy?

Delivery is on SADCO truck. If there is any freight damage, it'd between the individual dealer and SADCO - no third party. Our current freight policy is as follows:

  • On Appliances:   8 major pieces of appliances / electronics = Free freight + 2% fuel surcharge.
  • On Appliances:   6 - 7 major pieces of appliances / electronics = $3.00 per pc + 2% fuel surcharge.
  • On Appliances:    3 - 5 pieces = $25 per piece delivery + 2% fuel surcharge.
  • On Furniture:     $1,000 + order = Free Freight + 2% fuel surcharge.
  • On Furniture:     Less than $999 = $25 stop charge + 2% fuel surcharge.
  • On Combo:        6 - 7 Appl / Electronic + $1000 Furniture = Free Freight + applicable fuel surcharge.

How fast can you deliver?
We typically deliver within one working week to locations within a 200-mile radius of Montgomery. For outlying areas, it may take us up to two weeks to deliver.